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Green Flea Markets

Some club members prefer the Green Flea Market at West End as their Saturday morning kayak trip destination.

They paddle downstream, towards the city, and stop at the markets for tea/coffee, breakfast, and/or your weekly fruit & vegetable shop. The markets sell food and drinks, and a large selection of very cheap fruit and vegetables (including many organic stalls).

Remember to plan how you will carry your purchases home safely (e.g. take a sea kayak). The market trips generally take a leisurely and social 2-3 hours.


This trip and photos were undertaken by individual club members.
Conditions may have changed since these photos were taken.

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Paddle to the markets

Date: 21/11/05
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Situated right next to the river

Date: 21/11/05
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Stalls are under the trees

Date: 21/11/05
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Eat your breakfast

Date: 21/11/05
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Enjoy the trees

Date: 21/11/05
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Find out what this thing is...

Date: 21/11/05
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Explore the stalls

Date: 21/11/05
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Enjoy more trees

Date: 21/11/05
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Plenty of shade

Date: 21/11/05
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See the trees up close

Date: 21/11/05
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