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Simon and Dave at checkpoint

Simon and Dave at checkpoint

Date: 09/05/06 Views: 1855

How to Adjust a Sequel Sea Kayak rudder

Date: 06/02/07
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The club has three Sequel sea kayaks. Red, white, and yellow.

Date: 06/02/07
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Knots are tied in the rudder's rope to prevent it slipping. These knots are often very difficult to untie, especially when the rope has dried.

Date: 06/02/07
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The knots are usually in the wrong place for other paddlers. Untying them can involve the use of pliers and screwdrivers, which may damage the rope.

Date: 06/02/07
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To correctly secure the rope, pass it under the bar. Loop it around and under the rope next to the securing slot.

Date: 06/02/07
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To secure the rope, push on the rudder. This will pull the rope tight and lock it into the securing slot, and also lock down the rope where it is looped.

Date: 06/02/07
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To release the rope, pull the other end upwards. This will pull the rope out of the securing slot, and free up the locked down loop of rope.

Date: 06/02/07
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